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Permanent Makeup, Eyebrows

Cosmetic Tattooing for perfect brows

Permanent makeup, also called micro-pigmentation or permanent cosmetics, is a non-surgical cosmetic tattooing technique that permanent makeup clinicians apply to facial features. The results resemble traditional makeup. Color enhancement and definition of the eyebrows is a common enhancement that can be achieved through permanent makeup tattooing.

Permanent makeup for eyebrows involves the tattooing of dye pigments in the brow region which can enhance brows with improved definition, shape and color. Once healed, tattooed brows do not wash off so you can wake up with beautiful brows each morning.

Beautiful model with permanent makeup eyebrows

cosmetic tattooing of brows

Our cosmetic tattoo technician will analyze your face, discuss options and help you select the right eyebrow shape, arch, fullness and color to achieve an optimal look for your features. Once your brow options have been selected, we schedule your permanent makeup tattooing procedure.

We strive to maximize your safety and comfort during each tattoo session. Special topical numbing agents are used to improve comfort during the procedure. We provide each client with after-care instructions to help you transition through the healing process.

Immediately after treatment, your brows may appear heavier than the desired result. This is normal. After the healing process, you will be able to see the beautiful results.

Permanent Makeup brows

If you want perfectly shaped eyebrows that look beautiful for years to come, permanent makeup eyebrows is an ideal option. At LA Mei, we can help you to enhance your facial features with classic brows, or attain a modern look with full, perfectly arched brows.

Whether you are experiencing brow hair loss, or if you are an active person who wants to look fresh at the gym, during yoga or while swimming, permanent makeup brows can give you the ability to wake up looking lovely, and stay that way throughout your busy day.

For more information about our permanent makeup for brows tattooing service, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, please contact us.

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