Permanent Makeup & Microblading

LA Mei Permanent Makeup Services

Cosmetic Tattooing for Eyebrows & Lips

Permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattooing, can be a great option for those with sparse eyebrows or pale & poorly-defined lips. It is also beneficial for those who live an active lifestyle and prefer to wake up beautiful, and stay that way all day. Permanent makeup can offer you the look of beautiful, well-defined eyebrows and lips without the hassle of traditional makeup pencils, gels or lipsticks.

At LA Mei, we offer permanent and semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows and lips including microblading, permanent makeup for brows and permanent makeup for lips. Our certified permanent makeup artist-technician, Mina Liang, can offer you a safe and comfortable cosmetic tattoo experience with excellent, beautiful results.

Beautiful model with microbladed eyebrows

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Permanent makeup for women

At LA Mei Permanent Makeup & Microblading, we offer customized brow and lip enhancement plans designed for each client.